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Weekly gold market review. 26.07-02.07
All participants of the gold market can breathe freely. June is over. As it is known, this month the value of gold was at its lowest level for the year. Already, even in mid-June, according to official figures, the gold price grew during a few days. This was impacted by the instability in Iraq, as well as economic decline of several countries. Growth of the value of gold has also been associated with the recent statement of a financial guru and king of investment, a billionaire Eric Sprott.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-07-03 10:00
A secret operation of Turkey and Iran. Mystery gold export
Turkish government exported a large amount of gold to Iran to increase the country's economic performance and hoping to improve the standard of living of the population. As it is known, the price of gold is now rapidly growing. These data have been published by the economic and financial agency Bloomberg, that refers to a report developed by the deputies of the Turkish Parliament.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-07-01 10:00
Gold miners in South Africa are not satisfied by their work wages.
South Africa has lost more than $ 2 billion due to strikes! Quite recently, there was a conflict on the basis of discontent of representatives of the miners who are dissatisfied with their work wages. The representatives of the trade union of miners, were forced to organize strikes in the platinum mines that was stopped by law. Court of South Africa made a statement on the prohibition of strikes in the gold mines, which was the first step towards the completion of a five-month strike of miners of precious metals.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-30 10:00
Weekly gold market review. 19.06-25.06
There are excellent news for all the participants of the gold market. The month, when the gold price level reaches its minimum for the year, coming to the end. Analysts' fears about possible decline in the gold value completely disappeared, though it was earlier predicted to its critical $ 1,250 per ounce.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-26 10:00
A Gold Bike is for sale for $ 1 million
The Jewelry House, The House of Solid Gold exposed on sale in its online store an exclusive bike, costing one million dollars!
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-24 10:00
You can buy a gold mine in Canada with Bitcoins
First time in the history of the virtual currency Bitcoin there was received an offer from the owner of a gold mine in Canada to sell a gold mine for 3,000 Bitcoins.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-23 10:00
Mystery of gold appearance. Collision of neutron stars
Gold is the very first metal known to mankind.. It is respected by people for over 6500 years. This metal made human existence, maybe not perfect, but definitely more interesting and attractive. Because its discovery and use put the start of a new era, the era of metal. The yellow metal has caused not only many discoveries and progress, but also became the reason of many quarrels, disputes and even wars.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-20 10:00
Weekly gold market review. 12.06—18.06
As it is known, May became for the gold market a neutral month with a small negative trend. The price of gold was stable and showed only its insignificant increase. The reasons for these small changes in the gold price are the continuing conflicts in Ukraine, changes in the dollar and the economic situation in the U.S., as well as economic and political situation in Japan and India.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-19 10:00
Breaking news. In China there was stolen a ton of gold!
Now local media are actively discussing the theft of investment gold bars in China. It can rightly be called "theft of the decade." If we consider a crime against gold, then this is definitely one of the biggest theft in the history of the yellow metal. There was stolen nearly a ton!
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-18 10:00
Why the Trophy of FIFA World Cup is made of gold? The history of the World Cup
Now the whole world with bated breath watch the development of the 20th jubilee of the FIFA World Cup 2014. This is a major event for all the football fans. Every four years, the whole world rejoice, cheer for their favorite teams and celebrate victories. But there are not so many people who are familiar with the history of this amazing tradition.
Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-06-17 10:00
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