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The new "golden" project of Russia and China

The new "golden" project of Russia and China

According to K. Bunin, the head of the holding "Karat" and its consulting subsidiary "Karat Beijing," two friendly countries, China and Russia, are actively engaged in the organization of a joint stock exchange, which will trade with precious and semi-precious stones. Operational activities of the exchange will resemble Shanghai diamond exchange. Today it is forbidden to bring even one carat of diamond in China, if you are not registered on the Shanghai diamond exchange.

The exchange of financial assets and gold exchange in Beijing have offered a very attractive project to create a joint platform for trading with precious stones. Mr. Bunin, underlined that this successful business idea was very interesting, moreover, this idea immediately found a positive response from the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as the government of Ingushetia and Yakutia.

ITAR-TASS news agency quoted the head of the company, where he emphasizes the positive aspects of this project, one of which is the inflow of a large amount of precious stones from China to Russia. Also it was noted that a lot of stones in China comes from Russia through smuggling, and Mr. Bunin believes that the transaction will be transparent in the nearest future.

The main activity of the holding "Karat" includes the mining and production of the yellow metal and diamonds. The company conducts its work not only in Russia but also in Hong Kong and Ghana, as well as in mainland China. Successful business ideas, embodied in different countries, allow the company to expand its horizons in different directions. The head of "Karat" informed that the future prospects include a project on the creation of the Russian-Chinese jewelery association.


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