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BullionStar pays salary in gold or silver to its employees

BullionStar pays salary in gold or silver to its employees

The BullionStar company is engaged in trade in bars of investment metals in Singapore. Recently it has decided to pay its employees a salary in physical gold or silver.

This is the first company in the world, which has taken such a creative solution. Experts suggest that other well-known companies with similar type of activity can follow its example.

It does not mean that the employees are forced to take their salary only in precious metals, they still have the choice to receive it either in money fully or partly in gold and silver.

So, for example, Vincent Tie, the manager of the sales department of BullionStar took his decision to get about 40% of his salary in gold or silver. According to Vincent, if he decides to keep all his paper money on a bank deposit, inflation will “eat” somehow all the possible profit. In this case, his savings will lose purchasing power and he will buy less products in the future. But gold and silver have quite another feature, that is, the ability to save and increase capital.

According to Torgny Persson, the head of BullionStar, gold retains all the properties of money for 6 millennia. Perhaps in future, the yellow metal again will be used as money. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to use a new, more effective system, that is salary in gold.

Some people think that such a decision of BullionStar is just a PR trick, allowing them to gain more popularity in the society. However, it is worth noting that in subsequent years gold will be of great importance, both as a protective metal and as a salary. The yellow metal will always remain valuable, while coins and notes will depreciate due to inflation and a possible financial crisis. Moreover, the storage of one's own capital in gold is a reasonable program of capital accumulation for years to come.

This fact has long been known to all clients of Emgoldex, who also receive their income in investment gold bars, which they can exchange for money in the bank whenever they want. Thanks to this, they are confident in the future and are rich today!



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Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-10-28 08:57

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