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Capital Economics makes a forecast about gold

Capital Economics makes a forecast about gold

Capital Economics is one of the leading independent research companies in the UK financial market. By its forecast, the average price of the yellow metal for the second half of the year will make $ 1,200 per ounce. Despite the fact that during the last sessions, the price of gold showed a negative trend and dropped to $ 1,161, Capital Economics believes that such correction will not last long. As the company predicted, gold will rise above the level of $ 1,200, because this figure corresponds to the cost of some gold mining companies.

In its prediction, the consulting company gives an estimate of the value of this precious metal for the next two years and states that the price of gold will be higher than $ 1,300 in 2015, and in 2016 higher than $ 1,400. Analysts expressed their point of view that such a rise and support to gold will be provided by the growing demand for physical gold in the emerging markets, the growth of central banks' activity and recovery in ETF-funds.

According to the forecast for the nearest future, today's moment is considered particularly favorable for the formation of your own gold reserves and capital increase. The price of gold shows a growing trend and it means that the value of the yellow metal will increase. This favorable moment is fully used by clients of Emgoldex who buy investment gold bars in the online store of the company.

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