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Gold watches of Apple. Myth or reality?

Gold watches of Apple. Myth or reality?


At the beginning of September, Apple started to announce its new product, the so-called trendy gadget that can help you to improve your image and even increase earnings. Because we all know that appearance and accessories play an important role in the impression others have of us. An updated version of the old saying could be applied in this case, you can judge a man by the watch he has!.

All modern companies producing accessories have in their product line different price range. But it is surprising that watches are produced by phone manufacturers and other communication gadgets.

Thus, according to a French techno-blog, Apple is going to release Apple Watch, its first wearable device that was presented at a fashion show. This gadget will be produced for people with different levels of income. It will be available in three versions, the device is also called "smart watches»: Apple Watch Sport, the basic model Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. It will also be available in two diagonal sizes - 38 and 42 mm.

The Apple Watch Sport will be differed by moisture- and dust-protection, and its value will be in the range of 500 USD; in the Apple Watch will be sapphire crystal and steel body, and in the Apple Watch Edition - sapphire crystal, straps of expensive materials and gold plating body. The estimated price of the latter will be 4-5 thousand USD. However, the information about the content of gold remains in secret. Nobody knows if the whole watch body is made of gold or just gold-plated. This can be a determining factor in justifying such a high price.

The company is positioning the Apple Watch Edition as an accessory that will help you to improve the image, which in turn will affect the increase in earnings. This fact is confirmed by the presence of style experts in the fashion world such as Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour (Vogue) at the presentation of these watches.

The exact issue date is unknown, but nothing can be expected before next spring.


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