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Gold will protect your capital against financial instability!

Gold will protect your capital against financial instability!


In the world there is no person who is indifferent to gold. People can love it or maybe hate, but you can't be indifferent. Gold is an essential part of our life. Top financiers and gold experts continue their endless dispute about the yellow metal. Nevertheless, the priceof gold remains under pressure.

Alan Greenspan, who headed the US Fed for nearly two decades, from 1987 to 2006, expressed his opinion in respect of the price of gold and the Fed programs. In his opinion, the real economy was not greatly influenced by buying up of assets after the termination of the next stage of QE3.

The financial expert believes that the Fed may have problems with the end of the “cheap money” strategy. After the final termination of the QE3 program or an increase in interest rates next year, according to Greenspan, structural problems are expected sooner or later.
As soon as the information about rising interest rates appeared, the markets immediately showed recovery and this resulted in market volatility. We can only imagine what will happen after the actual increase. Will anyone else wait for a different result? Such questions were asked by a former banker who gave the advice to buy gold in order to protect your own funds against financial instability. He also emphasized the value of gold as a currency, without a special affect by the government decisions.

Moreover, Alan Greenspan is not the only representative of central banks who believes in the gold power. He is joined by Richard Fisher (Dallas Fed), who holds in gold nearly $ 1 million. The yellow metal is very popular among investors.

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