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It's time to make your own gold reserves

It's time to make your own gold reserves

In its report, the World Gold Council informed that the demand for gold will show a positive trend by the end of this year, and the current price of gold will not affect much to the demand. Moreover, those investors who invested their funds during all cycles will be able to increase their profit.

In its annual report to investors, the Council confidently said that with all changes in the price of gold, is too early to dismiss this noble metal. Gold makes one of the essential parts of most investment portfolios.

As the income of the population in different countries show a growing trend, it is natural that the demand for gold will also increase because ordinary people together with investors want to protect their money.

Everyone knows that the ETF-funds have worked well for the gold investment in the past 10 years, despite that the price of gold was not stable for a long time and did not promise to increase profits. The costs for gold were reduced with an important participation of the funds, more and more investors were able to gain access to the yellow metal, and most importantly, investors renewed their interest and demand for the metal. Many investors see it as a strategic investment.

According to the WGC, a very important point is that the role of the yellow metal will only increase. After all, everyone knows that gold is widely used in modern technology and medicine. According to the report of the Council, the demand for the precious metal in industry and jewelry will remain stable.

India will also make a significant contribution to the demand for the yellow metal. Thanks to the festivals in the country, everybody buys and gives gold items as gifts.


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