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John Paulson increases his income and shares his advice about how you can increase yours

John Paulson increases his income and shares his advice about how you can increase yours

John Paulson is known throughout the financial world for making his main fortune with a sub-prime mortgage and the US market default in 2007. He increased his income by investing at the right time in the right assets.

PFR Gold Fund belongs to the leading defender of gold, John Paulson. This fund monitors and controls 400 million dollars, and it shows a growth. The price of Fund assets of gold increased by 11% between January and September, according to Reuters agency.

However, authorized representatives of John Paulson did not provide accurate data about the profitability of the fund for October, because in this month the price of the yellow metal reached its lowest level since 2010. Nevertheless, John Paulson's Fund intends to maintain their position in respect of the shares in mining companies in order to increase income in the future. All his actions will be in anticipation of the expiry of the options on gold in his investment portfolio.

The fact that John Paulson is the largest holder of assets in several gold companies, emphasizes once again that this financier is a stickler of gold. Among the companies that have huge share holdings by John Paulson, are AngloGold Ashanti with the third place in the global gold mining, NovaGold, Gold Fields, Agnico-Eagle, Randgold, Lamgold, International Tower Hill and Barrick Gold.

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