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New adventures of Russians in China

New adventures of Russians in China

The first Russian jewelry stores are scheduled to open in China in 2015. The entry into the Asian market will be started by the company "Almaz-Holding". Despite the intense competition and high duties, the company sees China as a promising market.

According to the CEO of the holding Flun Gumerov, before entering the market they are studying the needs of the Chinese market. For this purpose, at ENEA started working a museum of contemporary jewelery art together with a new store where the goods matrix is being tested with the help of Chinese tourists. After analyzing it, the company will make an offer for the target audience in Asia. For the same purpose, a large store was opened in Vladivostok. According to Gumerov, they plan to promote mostly the designs of Russian jewelers although the taste of the Chinese will also be considered in full. The general director also mentioned that, for a start, they will have to provide a full range of products. Only a few years later, the top of sales will be obvious and then they will be able to consider the business as profitable.

The main feature of the Chinese - the head of the holding states - is that they consider jewelry not only as accessories, but also, for the most part, as a means of savings. That's why their jewelry is always of the highest standard with a 100% gold content. Nevertheless, the company is making its bid not for the most affluent but for middle class people.


Almaz-Holding expects to enter the Chinese market with its retail network and not as a supplier for wholesale buyers. Next year they plan to open 5-10 outlets for the sale of jewelry.

The head of the company underlines that there is no need to hurry because the market is new and unknown, everything must be carefully weighed and examined. Under the laws of China, every jewelry company should have 5 million dollars in its registered capital, and the first investment of the holding company, according to the head, will be about 10 million of dollars. Moreover, the profitable business will develop in the form of trading sites in big shopping malls, but not in the company's own stores, because the middle class prefer to buy jewelry precisely in these places. The company plans to enter the Chinese market under a different brand.


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