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One ton of gold for good earnings

One ton of gold for good earnings

The traders of physical gold in America noted a sharp increase in demand for gold. The company CMI Gold & Silver with its head Bill Haynes, shows all the signs that the "reasonable money" felt an opportune moment, when the entrance to the market of precious metals will be the most profitable for good earnings and an increase in income. In the interview to the portal King World News, Bill Haynes stated that the increase in income for his company was 50% for the last months.

Bill Haynes sees the reason for this increase in demand for gold and other precious metals in the level of prices. Almost all investors realize that the price of precious metals reached a low point, now they have to wait for the rise in prices, especially in the markets of gold and silver.

One striking example of fast rising prices for metals was a request of one large investor who wanted to buy 1 ton of gold, which amounts $ 40 million.

The head of the company declared in his interview that if the price of gold will continue falling, as it started in 2008, he will have problems with the completion of his and company's gold reserves, because there will come a deficit of this investment metal. While prices are at the best level, Haynes considers this as the most conducive time to invest.

Such important moments for investors appear very rarely. Now it is the time to buy gold, while the prices are at a minimum value. Haynes also gave a forecast for the high prices of precious metals by the end of this year, especially for gold and silver.

Regarding the clients of the Emgoldex company, they always have a good time to increase their income, because the company offers its customers good earnings with the help of the marketing program. A huge number of customers around the world have already taken advantage of this opportunity.



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