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Wanted new owner of a gold nugget of 400 000 dollars

Wanted new owner of a gold nugget of 400 000 dollars

As it is known from history – and westerns- in the territory of Northern California took place on the most massive gold rushes. One of the largest nuggets people has known was found in this historical place. At last it is time to offer this nugget for sale for a price around 400 000 dollars.

Such price for a nugget was calculated by experts of the gold market. And due to the constant increase in the price of gold, the real owner in the future will be able to gain high income because of the difference between the purchase price and the price of sale.

This nugget was found at the foot of the mountain where it comes from. This discovery appeared in the town under the name Butte. The town is the center of the region of mining industry which is conducted in an open way. In Butte generally it is extracted copper ore, zinc and other minerals.

Now the nugget worth 400 000 dollars is considered the largest in California. It is in private possession as reports the auction house of Northern California. Its weight is about slightly less than 3 kilograms.

The owner of the gold nugget prefers to remain unknown so far. When the nugget was found, it was transferred to the storage of the auction house. Exactly there all issues on its sale will be solved.

The auction is planned to appoint to time of an autumn antiquarian exhibition in San Francisco. Action already started on October 23, 2014. And already there are some persons interested to get this valuable treasure.

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