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Why should Switzerland bring its gold into the country?

Why should Switzerland bring its gold into the country?

What will happen to the gold reserves of Switzerland? That is what will be decided in the referendum under the slogan "Save our Swiss gold", on November 30. It is planned to hold a vote to decide the fate of the Swiss gold.


The referendum attracted the attention of the participants of the gold market from different countries. The Swiss policy on gold can be radically changed after this event. In addition, this fact may substantially affect the price of gold.


Switzerland has been always considered as a country with perfectionist and idealist people with high quality conditions to live. Moreover, Switzerland is one of the major financial centers in the world.



All thanks to a strong government system, stability of the national currency, the country's strategic geographical location, as well as the preservation of neutrality in military operations. The banks of Switzerland are famous for their high level of responsibility. A huge number of people trust them to keep their savings.


At the referendum many important issues will be considered, one of them is the preservation of national funds in gold. This involves the return of Swiss gold reserves into the country. The initiative for the return of gold into the country is called "Save our Swiss gold."


It is also planned to consider the ban of the Central Bank for the sale of the country's gold reserves and ensuring of the national currency with gold, at least, 20%. This has a huge impact not only on the price of gold in the world market, but also on the security of the national currency.


The organizers of the referendum believe that the Swiss citizens are obliged to vote for the return of the yellow metal into the country. In turn, critics said that the Central Bank of Switzerland can lose the freedom to act independently, if it will be necessary to keep 20% of international reserves in the yellow metal.


Nevertheless, Luzy Stamm, who is one of the supporters of the referendum, does not agree with such statements. He believes that the Central Bank will retain its entire independence and will not be limited. Moreover, the bank will continue to print currency in the required amount to buy euros.



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Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-11-06 10:17

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